What we deliver:


Increased New Customer Acquisition
The 1:1 Intelligent Data-Driven Marketing Solution delivers conversion rates of 50% to 400% over existing performance, targeting consumers that match a company’s best-customers in their likeness, language, interests and preferences.  At this level of performance, lower costs of acquisition are achieved.
Generate High Performance Customers
The 1:1 Intelligent Data-Driven Marketing Solution is designed to target prospects that match a company’s best customers who reflect those that spend more and remain the most loyal.  Once these new customers are acquired, they will outperform those acquired through traditional marketing delivering in excess of 25% more than existing best customers.
Increased Customer Growth
The 1:1 Intelligent Data-Driven Marketing Solution provides companies with the ability to identify and target high potential current customers for relevant cross-sell/up-sell programs based upon their interests, characteristics, and behaviors to increase share of wallet performance delivering conversion rates of 200% to 400% over existing performance.
Optimize Marketing Spend
The 1:1 Intelligent Data-Driven Marketing Solution provides multiple opportunities to optimize marketing spend by shrinking the universe, only targeting high performance consumers and leveraging one intelligent data source across each channel resulting in lower costs in print, e-mail, social and display media.  Combined with the increase in new customer acquisition, the overall cost is 50% to 75% less than traditional marketing.
Increased Consumer Engagement
The 1:1 Intelligent Data-Driven Marketing Solution delivers increased consumer engagement that matches and exceeds existing customer measures.   New to brand engagement is measured through the multi-channel/multi-touch messaging delivering repeat visits to learn and move to purchase.


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